About Silver Sombrero Pictures

Silver Sombrero Pictures Ltd is a film production company based in Northern Ireland. The company was established in 2008 by writer/director Stephen Don.

We have produced a number of short films which have been screened at festivals across Europe and America. In 2012, Silver Sombrero Pictures produced our first feature length film – Faraway. This Art House thriller, in three languages, was premiered at the Belfast Film Festival in April 2013, and subsequently shown at the Polish Cultural Week in 2014.

About Stephen Don

Stephen DonIn 2001, Stephen had a triptych of his short plays on at the Queen’s Festival in Belfast under the umbrella title of Odd Couples. In 2005, he took two full length plays to the Edinburgh Fringe.

In recent years, Stephen has focused his creative energy on film; producing three short films between 2007 – 2010: Carpe Diem, The Carnival Queen, and Grand Mal. All three shorts were funded by Northern Ireland Screen.

In 2012, Stephen secured private funding to make his first feature (Faraway), which he wrote, produced and directed.

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