In the Darkest Hour

In The Darkest Hour is a World War II action drama set during the invasion of France in late May 1940. Two Scottish soldiers – Hamish McNeill & Gordon McGregor – are stranded in German-occupied territory and decide on a bold plan to get out of trouble: they will swop their uniforms for civvies and set off on foot for the British lines.

However, they have not gone very far before their dislike of each other flares into open conflict and they tumble together down a hill right into the path of a German patrol. It is now that Hamish’s native Gaelic tongue comes to their aid, confusing the German soldiers and buying them precious time to come up with a plan to fool the Germans into letting them go. Transferred to Nazi Headquarters in Berlin, they must somehow pull together to survive. If not, death by firing squad is certain.

Watch project video below:


Storyboard Artist: Jonathan Temples