Requiem For A Gunman

Requiem For A Gunman is a Revenge drama set in contemporary Ireland. Lynch is a hitman for the mob in Boston, returning to his native Ireland after a gap of thirty years. He is seeking closure on the traumatic event of his life -the murder of his wife and son. Lynch has a lot going for him: he is expert with guns and has a cool head on his shoulders. But he is a dying man and time is not on his side.

Time has wrought changes, too, in the men he is hunting down. Some are faded relics of the wild men they once were. But Lynch’s biggest challenge is posed by Samuels -a Mr. Big with a small army of henchmen who sport an array of automatic weapons. Will Lynch get his revenge? Or will time run out for him in the labyrinth of Samuels’ mansion?

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Storyboard Artist: Jonathan Temples
Magic Bullet CGI: Darren Nash